Ema Alvarado

Development Work

I've worked as a developer for over 3 years, mostly working in startups and businesses that require full stack developers. I'm experienced in Java, Python and PHP 5, and frameworks such as Laravel 5.2, Slim and Flask. I have strong knowledge of both SQL and NoSQL (MongoDB).

My work has required working with RESTful APIs both in development and consumption, front-end user applications, back-end services, and complex arquitectures. Additionally, I'm a strong defender of decentralized Internet projects. This website is self-hosted, and I self-manage its name server and email service.

For a more detailed view on some projects I've worked on, please visit my Github account.


I've taken speedrunning as a pastime since early 2018, focusing mainly on indie games and platformers. I've been in several marathons, both in person and online, and I've also organized and ran several tournaments. You may find more information on what's speedrunning and my runs here